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Do you need to create a WordPress plugin? Or remodel or add functions to an existing plugin? We are experts in the creation, design, development, and programming of custom plugins for WordPress.
At Psdtowordpressdev we are web developers specialized in the WordPress platform. This specialization has done a large part of our work. We are dedicated to the creation of new WordPress plugins that are born from our experience in the sector. We observe the needs of our clients for their own websites. Also, we grant new personalized functionalities. With our custom WordPress plugin development service, we will build you a quality website. You can have everything you need to optimize your business. Also to increase the conversion of your website visitors into new customers.If you need some mixed functionality that no commercial plugin offers, we create the perfect custom plugin with all the features you need.

We develop and maintain professional WordPress plugins

Development And Customization Of Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is the main platform for web development. Its completion is based on its ease of use. It has a clear and well-documented architecture based on plugins that allow various operations to be carried out from the field of programming at different times of execution. In this way, we can develop plugins for WordPress by adding functionalities to the platform without conflicts with other plugins. And they can be maintained and updated individually.We develop and maintain professional WordPress plugins. The possibilities are almost endless. Once you contact us we will analyze its technical utility and we can suggest ideas to improve it at the level of functionality and usability.Advantages of developing custom WordPress plugins with Psdtowordpreedev

Secured Functionality

The development of custom plugins in WordPress adds to the function of this content management system. So that our site can get more visitors, protected from hacker attacks, positioning optimized keywords, etc.

Time-Saving Execution

By executing custom plugins, we can save time on marketing strategies to help us promote the brand and increase sales. There are plugins that can do this on their own without using lines of code.

Cost-Effective Development

By developing specific plugins, we can position the website, the brand, or the business. So that we can save money because we do not need to hire experts in programming and digital marketing.

High Maintenance

Plugins allow us to better control our website. Because they provide detailed reports on how the page works and allow us to know what actions really add value to the page.

Rapid Accuracy

To promote and sell, it needs to be optimized. Custom plugins can let you know if there are flaws in the programming of the content of the platform.

Regular Update

You can upload updates generated over time and the installed plugins guarantee the validity of the content over time.

Development of tailor-made plugin to optimize your business

Professional WordPress Plugin Development Service

At Psdtowrodpressdev, we have a team of WordPress developers. They follow best practices and a modern approach to achieving performance-driven development. We listen carefully to our customers, understand their ideas, and then create solutions that meet their specific goals. Thanks to the extensive plugin system, almost anything is possible with WordPress. We know very well that no one's solution can adapt to all needs, so we only offer tailor-made solutions. No matter what you want to implement. Almost every function in WordPress can be developed or customized using a plugin.We bring all the latest WordPress features to create advanced sites for you and your business.

Develop your dream project with psdtowordpressdev

Why should you choose Psdtowordpressdev as your WordPress Design and Plugin Development provider?

Our development team creates innovative custom WordPress plugins using the latest web technologies. Every business is unique, and sometimes an "out-of-the-box" add-on just doesn't cut it. Don't settle for someone else's vision, make WordPress really work for your business.

Plugin Development for WordPress

We create, program, and develop all kinds of plugins with all the features you need and we install and configure them in your WordPress.

Customization of commercial Plugins

You have found a nearly perfect plugin for what you need, but there is something about it that you don’t like … no problem! We customize your WordPress plugin.

Create new functionalities in plugins

You need a plugin for your WordPress and you have searched and searched but none of the options brings the functionality that you need … we will develop it for you!


Create documentation for developed plugins

You need a plugin for your WordPress and you have searched and searched but none of the options brings the functionality that you need … we will develop it for you!


Update Plugins to new versions

Do you have a custom-developed plugin but you can’t update it or have errors because something has changed in WordPress? We can update it!

We solve WordPress plugins Problems

Do you have problems, conflicts, or variances between WordPress plugins but you can’t do without any of them? We solve your problems!

Plugins compatible with any theme

Don’t worry about the WordPress theme you are using. We develop the plugin you need 100% compatible with your WordPress theme and version.

Lightweight and optimized code programming

Our WordPress Plugin programmers develop all plugins with clean and optimized code … forget about heavy plugins!

Get the best WordPress Plugin Development Service from psdtowordpressdev

Goal focused Custom Plugin Development services for WordPress

Do you have a plugin specially developed for your purposes, but it may no longer be up-to-date or should be expanded to include functions? Or Do you need to develop a new custom plugin for WordPress? Here, you've come to the right place. Our experienced WordPress developers can deliver your plugin to exactly meet your needs.At Psdtowordpressdev we have invested heavily in finding the best talent and resources on the market to meet your needs. We offer a creative, conductive, and collaborative development environment when taking any business challenge. These are the extras that can convince you to choose us as your WordPress company

Client reviews of our

WordPress Plugin development and theme conversion work

Jhon Dallas

Psdtowordpressdev is the best service provider of my choice. It is the only company that gave me the best design layout that I needed for my website. Best premium project delivery only 2 days!! I just suggest to all my friends and visitors that if you want quality development works, contact Psdtowordpressdev. They are really unique and quality service providers. Best wishes and highly recommended.

Plato Mikail

What a cool project it was!! The best delivery that I ever got from a theme development company. Psdtowordpressdev is the best service provider that deals with PSD to WordPress theme conversion service. Although I have had the plugin development service from here I loved the conversion work best. Now I can start my business with a new Design. I can recommend Psdtowordpressdev strongly.

    Frequently asked questions

    that most people want to know from us

    Yes. We always suggest working with the newest version of WordPress and plugin. But we are familiar with the customization of an older version of your WordPress plugin.

    Yes. Our online care support is always on 24/7 for our valued customers. We provide free support for WordPress plugin development services after we deliver our plugin project to you.

    Depending on the variety and complexity we try to handover our development project within the desired time to our client. From start to the final version it may take weeks to a month depending on the working factors and plugin complexity. But we always prefer healthy communication with our clients and developers to deliver a quality product.

    Yes. We have served many WordPress plugin development projects supporting a Non-disclosure Agreement

    Yes, We can provide customized paid WordPress plugins. Yes, We can provide customized paid WordPress plugins. But before the customization, we prefer client confirmation on it.

    It all depends on your needs that can satisfy your own business requirements. If you need few changes that can meet your requirements then we recommend a customization service for that. But if you need to add new features and functionality we recommend developing a new plugin for that. It will be best to discuss your plugin requirements so that our professionals can help you give the best service.

    After project completion, we will give you all your project code. We release development codes to you. As a copyright declaration issue it also always is yours.

    Yes. As we specified that copyright belongs to our clients, so it is all your wish how you prefer to use the plugin.

    It depends on your requirements and plugin complexity. Please contact us for a clear discussion about pricing and the time frame for your development.

    Yes, you can get both customization and development within a single package if you want. We offer affordable WordPress plugin development services for all clients around the world. Please contact us to get your quote from our expert developers and analysis team.

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